Welcome! We’re glad that you’ve taken a moment to come to our parish’s home on the web. Please join us for a service or stop by during office hours to see the church.

We welcome visitors to come and experience the Orthodox Christian Faith. Often described as “the best kept secret” in America, Orthodox Christianity is, in reality, for everyone. The Orthodox Faith traces back to the Apostolic times, after Christ’s Resurrection. There are approximately 250 million Orthodox Christians worldwide and 1.3 percent of the population in the United States. Eastern Orthodoxy is the largest single religious faith in Belarus, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Russia and Ukraine. Learn more!

asa_logo_blueSt. John the Baptist Orthodox Church was founded in 1997 by the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco to minister to Portland’s westside. Our parish is made up of members who were both raised in the Faith and those who have converted to Orthodoxy. Our current site is in a remodeled building on Walker Road. The parish vision is to purchase land and build a Byzantine style church and supporting facilities.

St. John the Baptist is also the host of Portland’s only Orthodox Christian school, Agia Sophia Academy, currently offering pre-K through 5th grade.

Logos Bookstore LogoOne of the main ministries at St. John’s is the Logos Bookstore, which offers a wide variety of Bibles, commentaries on Holy Scripture, prayer books, Lives of Saints, books on the faith, the spiritual life, children’s literature, and more! The bookstore also carries Icons in many sizes of Christ, crosses, baptismal gifts, etc.

Major Events


Major Upcoming Events

Major events, mainly from the weekly bulletins, are kept up to date here.  Saturday, Dec. 5th, 5pm: 5th Annual St. Nicholas Celebration! A special visit & gift from St. Nicholas! Learn about the life & miracles of St. Nicholas. Participate in stories & songs. Lenten desserts & hot cider. We are looking for helpers to set up, clean up, help ... [Read more]

Latest Posts


The Impact of Saying the Jesus Prayer

Most of us know about the Jesus Prayer, at least how to say it in its various forms: “Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.” “Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me.” “Lord, Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.” Whichever way one says it is less important than saying it on a consistent basis, for a period of time each and ... [Read more]


Worshiping as a Family

Recently, a concern was voiced by some parents of young children regarding the difficulty of having their youngsters sit through our “long worship services.” Having been a parent of young children for many years with a wife who basically functioned as a single parent every Sunday and feast day, I am aware of how difficult it is to a young Orthodox ... [Read more]


Arielle’s Journey to Orthodoxy

A seminarian from England once spoke at my church in Philadelphia. He had been raised Anglican, become Evangelical, converted to the Roman Catholic Church and eventually found the Orthodox Church, where he stayed and was eventually ordained. He spoke of how grateful he was for each one of those churches, for each had taught him a new way of loving ... [Read more]


Love in the Parish

The following article was posted on a site called Pemptousia.com. It was a letter written by Elder Ephraim of Arizona (St. Anthony’s Monastery) to his monastic community (synodia). I took the liberty to replace the word synodia with parish or church community, and the word brethren with parishioner to make this letter “fit” better, as being ... [Read more]


St. Basil the Great’s Sermon to the Rich

Note: The following "Sermon To the Rich" was probably delivered in the year 368, when most of Asia Minor was struck by a severe drought which caused great hardship, intensified by the greed of some who held back grain to inflate prices. At this time, St. Basil was a priest in the diocese of Caesarea, overseeing a very active ministry to the poor ... [Read more]

Raising Independent Children to be Dependent on God

How can parents cultivate a relationship between God and their children? Fr. Timothy Pavlatos, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Nationally Certified Counselor, speaks with Emmy Louvaris to tell us how. Listen as they discuss how modeling forgiveness, trust, repentance, and love makes all the difference. You won’t want to miss this ... [Read more]


Chad’s Journey to Orthodoxy

I have been asked many times to describe my journey to Orthodoxy, and every time I answer it seems to come out with a slightly different emphasis. I know many people who have had a “road to Damascus” moment, but I was (and am) too stubborn for that. I’m still working to understand my past and the ways, both great and small, that Christ was calling ... [Read more]


Gardens: A Reflection of Paradise To Come

Living in the glorious Northwest, we all know how beautiful are the summers. The days are long, and the sunny sky is a most pure shade of blue. With all the moisture we get during the fall, winter and spring, the humidity goes away and all things green and flowery grow with gusto. Portland and the whole Willamette Valley become one large garden. I ... [Read more]


Mandi’s Journey to Orthodoxy

Over the past five years, I have begun to recognize the grace which God has poured over my life from the very beginning. Becoming Orthodox has been the greatest culmination of so many difficult and beautiful events. At the same time, however, my baby steps in Orthodoxy are the start of a whole new journey which is both brand new and yet, at the ... [Read more]


Pentecost: Stewardship of the Gift of the Holy Spirit

The feast of Pentecost marks the beginning of the New Testament Church, when the Apostles and disciples of Christ received the Holy Spirit. From that time on, every believer who had been baptized and chrismated by the Apostles or their successors, the bishops and priests, received the Holy Spirit, making them members of the Body of Christ and ... [Read more]


Divine Providence, Divine Intervention, Divine Revelation

The Sunday on which we read the story of the healing of the Blind Man, I offered a reflection on Divine Providence, Divine Intervention and Divine Revelation. During Theology 101 that day, we discussed the content of the sermon a little further drawing on some of your own life experiences. There were a few people who asked for a copy of the sermon, ... [Read more]


Jillian’s Journey to Orthodoxy

When I was first asked to write about my journey into Orthodoxy, it was hard to pin down any one particular prompt that eventually led to my becoming Orthodox. Christianity has always been a crucial part of my life, but each tradition (or “non-tradition”) seemed to go about worshiping God and pursuing a relationship with Him in a different way. ... [Read more]


The Reality of the Resurrection

The Orthodox Christian Faith is rich in Holy Tradition. We have many centuries of history, countless Saints, a vast and varied liturgical tradition, and many other treasures. Both from the inside and the outside, the Orthodox Church can seem overwhelming. While this can seemingly be true, the ultimate reality is that the essence of the Orthodox ... [Read more]


Fasting Guidelines

Let us fast with a fast pleasing to the Lord. This is the true fast: the casting off of evil, the bridling of the tongue, the cutting off of anger, the cessation of lusts, evil talking, lies and cursing. The stopping of these is the fast true and acceptable. ~ Monday Vespers of the First Week A special word must be said about fasting during ... [Read more]